Frascio Products

Architectural Door Pulls

Architectural pulls are most frequently fabricated in stainless steel material. Most of the pulls shown in this catalog are available in stainless steel, and depending on the specific design may also be available in other materials such as brass or aluminum. Solid cast bronze is also an option in some cases.

Our standard stainless steel alloy grade used for architectural pulls is 304, which is perfect for most indoor environments and many exterior environments. For applications where air pollution and marine salt air is prevalent, consider specifying allow grade 316, which has an even higher degree of corrosion protection.

In addition to alloy grade selection, the surface finish of stainless steel can affect corrosion resistance, as smooth polished surfaces deflect the deposit of airborne debris that can lead to corrosion better than a satin surface. For optimal resistance to surface stains caused by corrosion, specific polish finish.

The most common finishes provided in stainless steel material are BHMA 630 Satin Stainless and BHMA 629 Polished Stainless. Other standard BHMA finishes can also be created by applying coatings to the stainless steel or brass base material. Refer to the FR International Finishes Chart as a reference.

Custom finishes are also available upon request.

Our Product Nomenclature and Identification System

FR International organizes its door pull identification system around two primary characteristics of the pull; the Cross Section Shape of the Grip and the General Design Style.

Grip Cross Section

For categorization purposes, grip cross sections are organizes into 5 options, with a corresponding Alpha character assigned to each. This alpha character provides an important designation in our nomenclature for specification and ordering purposes.

– A: Round
– B: Square
– C: Rectangular
– D: Oval
– E: Varies

* A grip cross section is considered “Varied” if it is asymmetric or if there is more than one shape incorporated into. thegrip portion of the pull.

General Design Style

For this second identification characteristic, we organize the style of pull into one of the three general category options, with a numeric character assigned. to each. This numeric character is also used as an important designation in our nomenclature for specification and ordering purposes.

– 1: Infinity Mounted
– 4: Standoff Mounted
– 7: Sculpted