Frascio Products

Miscellaneous Accessories

Millwork Knobs and Pulls

Frascio offers some sample designs to illustrate the capability for millwork knobs and pulls (which we also refer to as Furniture pulls). These designs may need to pair with lever handles or door pulls also being used on the project.

Door Guards

A variety of door guard designs are available and can be provided by Frascio if matching finishes or other specific characteristics are required.

Door Viewers

Door viewers can be produced based on requirements of the project. There are a variety of functional considerations such as door panel thickness, lens size, field of view, and fire-rating requirements, in addition to requirements for project finish.

Coat Hooks

As with the previous categories above, Frascio is able to fabricate coat and robe hooks that match the project’s visual theme and provide design suiting with lever handles or door pulls being used on the project.