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Lever Trim

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Click here to peruse through our extensive range of decorative lever designs engineered using the highest quality materials and crafted with careful attention to detail. Frascio levers are designed for use across a variety of mechanical locking and latching platforms.

Adaptation Trim – 3rd Party Mortise Locks and Exit Devices

Frascio levers can be adapted for use on many 3rd party mortise locks and exit devices. All Frascio lever trim sets for use on 3rd party mortise locks carry their own UL certificate for use on fire rated assemblies.  Click here to read more.

Hospitality Solutions

FR International has the capability to adapt many Frascio lever designs for use in electronic lock applications. And since hospitality projects are a big part of our business, we also understand all the various applications of decorative product within the hotel environment.


In addition to in-house design work, Frascio has an extensive history collaborating with accomplished industrial designers to develop its exquisite range of lever designs. Listed here are bio details of some of these notable collaborators.