Frascio Products

Adaptation Trim – for 3rd Party Exit Device Lever Trim and Mortise Locksets

3rd Party Exit Device Lever Trim Adaptations

Frascio has the ability to adapt most of our heavy duty, decorative levers to a variety of exit devices manufacturer’s trim. Using a Frascio decorative lever on exit device trim in front of house spaces provides design continuity throughout your project.

We utilize the original manufacturer’s trim and components while replacing the standard factory lever with a decorative lever. All lever adaptation processes are done in our manufacturing facility.

Explore our exclusive Frascio signature lever design range to add an elegant element to your exit device escutcheon plates.

3rd Party Mortise Lock Adaptations

FR International adapts Frascio decorative leverset trim to a wide variety of other manufacturer’s mortise locks.  We have experience with most ANSI industry manufacturer’s product and have developed reliable and secure mechanical mounting systems that enable adaptation.  Please consult with us regarding specific locks and functions to ensure correct compatibility.   Door preparation for adaptation trim requires specific drilling instructions provided in our adaptation trim templates.

All Frascio lever designs are available for use with European style mortise locks and cylinders.   A variety of plate and rosette options are available.  Please contact FR International and let us assist you with your specific needs.