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Suited Designs for Electronic Access Locks

Today, the use of electronic access control locks is increasing dramatically.

In many cases, the standard trim styles available from the manufacturers of these locks are appropriate for the projects that they are used on.

However, when the design of the door hardware is an important consideration in a project, the trim styles available from some electronic access control lock manufacturers may not be compatible with a custom design theme or adjacent decorative hardware on the project.

For this reason, FR International has the capability to adapt many Frascio lever designs for use in electronic lock applications. And since hospitality projects are a big part of our business, we also understand all the various applications of decorative product within the hotel environment.

Since many variables impact the use of Frascio levers and trim on electronic access control locks (electronic access control lock manufacturer, the specific series of lock, etc), contact us with your specific project requirements to see how we can help you select the appropriate design elements of the electronic access control locks on your project.