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Door Pulls

Architectural Pulls → DISCOVER

FR International is pleased to present a full range of Architectural Door Pulls. Because architectural pulls can be made in a virtually unlimited variety of styles, shapes, sizes and finish options, we encourage you to let us know what your specific requirements are if you don’t see what you need. We have collected over 100 door pull models in our Architectural Door Pulls Catalog, and have an extensive additional range of uncatalogued designs.

LDP Series Locking Door Pulls → EXPLORE

Frascio locking door pulls add contemporary design and security functionality to door openings of all sizes. The concealed deadbolt locking system inside the pull provides a clean and elegant installation that eliminates the need for unsightly patch fittings or rails on glass door applications. A variety of configurations, designs, and sizes are available.

Ornate Pulls → Read More

When classic designs and old world elegance are desired, nothing is a better choice than Frascio’s Zermat Collection.   As a brand-within-a-brand, the Zermat Collection includes an extensive range of elegant ornate pulls as well as a suite of matching lever handle, roses, and escutcheon plates.   This exquisite brass-based product line can be an excellent fit for projects where unique shapes and styles harken back to the elegance of traditional Italian design.   Browse the Zermat Collection catalog to find your inspiration this exclusive range of products.

Decorative Pulls

Decorative pulls are generally different from architectural pulls based on specific design requirements that that may have cast decorative details, asymmetrical construction, be more contoured or have sculpted shapes or variations in material.