Frascio Products

Sliding Door Hardware

Sliding Door Locking Systems

Select from five different recessed flush cup shapes that operate one of our sliding door lock mechanisms for privacy applications, or be used without a lock for passage operation. Multiple lock systems are available and can be selected based on the requirements of the project.

Recessed Trims

Frascio offers a variety standard stainless steel recessed trim options and is also able to customize shapes and sizes and even materials as needed to meet the requirements of the project.

Surface Mounted Sliding Door Trim

Surface mounted turnknob and emergency release assemblies are available for use with SL1, SL2, SL5, and SL6 sliding lock systems, when recessed trim is not required. Frascio offers a wide variety of designs and configurations shown below.

SL5 Sliding Door Mortise Lock

Frascio’s SL5 sliding door mortise lock provides secure locking for sliding pocket and barn doors while integrating a vertically mounted lever for convenient unlocking and door pull functionality in one continuous motion.

SL6 Sliding Door Mortise Lock

Frascio’s SL6 Series sliding door lock and trim is ideal for sliding pocket door applications, where space saving recessed trim is required and a retractable flush edge pull provides convenient access to extend the door leaf from the pocket.

SLT600 Sliding Door Tubular Latchset

The Frascio SLT600 is a perfect solution for sliding door application where a passage or privacy set is required. These tubular latchsets fit a standard ANSI 160 prep and are available with many lever options. The SLT600 is an ideal solution for projects where high design and quality are important.