Green Commitment


Our commitment to environmentally-friendly manufacturing

FR Int’l is a manufacturer of door hardware with locations in Lavenone, Italy and Carmel, Indiana. Frascio products are manufactured primarily from brass, zinc, stainless steel, and steel. Much of the raw material used to produce these parts comes from recycled metal. The percentage of post-consumer and post-industrial recycled content is estimated as follows:

The brass and zinc materials that are used to make many Frascio products typically contain 80- 100% recycled material, a combination of melted scrap metal and reclaimed by-products.

The post-industrial recycled content of steel used to make Frascio products is approximately 30-40% (Approximately 30% -40% of the metal used to produce Frascio products is either scrap metal or other recycled material that is melted in the furnace)

Stainless steel that is used in Frascio products has a post-industrial recycled content of approximately 70%, and a post-consumer recycled content of approximately 8%.

Approximately 40% of the packaging that is used by Frascio is comprised of recycled material

The above percentages show an average of Frascio’s overall production. Actual percentages on any order will vary based on the specific products that comprise that order as well as the mill source for the metal that is used on any specific order.

When no longer needed, Frascio brass, stainless, and zinc parts are 100% recyclable.

Frascio is committed to responsible business and manufacturing practices that help conserve resources and protect our environment.